This NEW 2018 EDITION of the NWO Treaty poster includes the new expression in English of the text in te reo and the summary of the 2014 Waitangi Tribunal conclusions of WAI 1040 which record, among other points, that the rangatira who signed the Treaty did not cede their sovereignty to Britain.

The poster is made available with the associated 1835 Declaration of Independence poster.


Bulk or single hard copies of both posters, on glossy paper and in colour, are available from NWO on the basis of koha.


The text of the Declaration was originally supplied by Te Whakakotahitanga o Nga Iwi o Aotearoa/the Maori Congress in 1994 to the Federation of WEAs in alliance with Network Waitangi Otautahi (NWO). NWO has continued to reproduce this since 1997. 

This ‘expression’ in English of the text of the Treaty in te reo is the result of input that NWO has received from te reo speakers over many years after wide and open consultation. The most recent conversation has been with Professor Margaret Mutu.

In 2018, the Treaty poster was updated after following up sovereignty issues concluded by the Waitangi Tribunal in 2014 and acknowledging the then Government’s commitment to Honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the nation’s founding document.