In this documentary we look at the influential factors in Justice Durie’s life as well as the surrounding historical and political factors that lead to the articulation of a truth in Aotearoa-New Zealand’s history. He has made the Treaty of Waitangi as relevant today as it was when it was first signed in 1840, says director of the documentary Moana Sinclair.  Justice Durie has not only interpreted the Treaty to acknowledge Maori rights which has meant, in some cases, the return of their ancestral lands and resources but he has also found a place for non-Maori. This documentary is one man’s personal journey working with the Treaty. NWO has a copy which we are happy to lend to members and friends. Copies can be purchased for $30.00 per DVD by sending an email to Moana Sinclair (address: m… requesting a copy. She will give her bank account and details so you can make an online payment and then she will send a copy of the DVD – provided you send an address and details!