Our workshops
Workshops are designed to give everyone in the group the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences. They start from where people are and are non-confrontational. They are aimed at exploring what it means to live in this country, what Te Tiriti o Waitangi says and how to think about and work toward the Treaty as a framework for the future. Anyone is welcome to attend.

General areas covered include:
• ancestry and culture, cultural difference, cultural safety and values
• what was happening before 1840, including the 1835 Declaration of Independence
• the Treaty documents
• post Treaty legislation and actions taken by Maori attempting to call the Crown to account
• personal and cultural bias
• bicultural / multicultural / partnership issues
• colonisation and decolonisation
• institutional racism, social statistics and economic issues
• Treaty ‘settlement’ matters
• new ways of thinking, living and working
• models and possible actions for moving towards a Treaty based society particularly in relation to sustainable development

Participants are encouraged to develop a plan of action.

The flow for any workshop is developed from this basis in consultation with the group and according to time available, prior knowledge amongst the participants and desired outcomes.

We do not set fees for our workshops but ask that our expenses be covered and we invite koha in relation to provision of the education. Receipts will be sent.

We also provide:
Follow up, including implementation workshops
Supporting those developing their Treaty work
Organising meetings on topics of interest
Ensuring a commitment to accountability to each other and to mana whenua