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Ka pikihia e
Te Aroha o Rakinui
Ki ruka i te Ao Marama
Te Whenua me te Iwi
Kia hono kotahi ai
tatou ki a tatou
Ka Iwi
Ka Waka
Kia kotahi ai te hoe

Network Waitangi Otautahi supports the development of a multicultural, Treaty-based society. We focus on what was happening both globally and locally in the period leading up to the signing of the Treaty and also on the importance of all its 5 aspects – the Preamble and the four Articles. Because the intent and the actual content of Te Tiriti o Waitangi are not well-known, let alone well-understood, we make our contribution through education to enhance understanding of the indigenous status of Tangata Whenua and the role of Tangata Tiriti - i.e. everyone else. This work supports the kaupapa of the restoration of Tino Rangatiratanga by Maori and the establishment of honourable Kawanatanga by the Crown. At the moment, Te Tiriti o Waitangi is seen as relating almost exclusively to Maori. In a Treaty-based future it will be relevant to all of us, with all political relationships between tangata whenua and tangata Tiriti based on it.

We promote Sustainable Development and have a strong commitment to taking a Community Development approach so our workshops and other activities are designed to start where people are at and are non-confrontational.

NWO is an educational incorporated society with charitable status. We are part of a wider national network of groups and individuals. Apart from relevant legislative and some funding requirements, NWO is independent of government, business interests and political parties. We accept koha in recognition of our work on the basis of what individuals and groups can afford, while taking into account the need to ensure that any amounts paid to us will not disadvantage mana whenua planning and will not put people off engaging in the workshops and other activities.

Main Activities


Workshops are designed to give everyone in the group the opportunity to learn from each other's experiences. They start from where people are and are non-confrontational. They are aimed at exploring what it means to live in this country, what Te Tiriti o Waitangi says and how to think about and work toward the Treaty as a framework for the future. Anyone is welcome to attend.

General areas covered include:

Participants are encouraged to develop a plan of action.

The flow for any workshop is developed from this basis in consultation with the group according to time available, prior knowledge amongst the participants and desired outcomes. We do not set fees for our workshops but expect our expenses to be covered and accept koha. These will be receipted.

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Last updated: 12/9/2018